Pre walker shoes by @bkbyru

Pre walker shoes by @bkbyru

Ideal gift at a baby shower. Perfect as flower girl shoes.

Or perfect, Just because.

made to order at

Customized colors are available upon request.

Selling price 20.00 USD


Baby Girl Ballerinas

Baby Girl Ballerinas

Baby girl ballet flats. This soft soled shoe is perfect for your little girl learning to walk. flexible rubber sole (pasted) can be added for better grip, upon request.

made to order at

Inside is lined with cotton. Inner sole is fleece.

Perfect as a gift item at a baby shower or first birthday party. Even better as flower girl shoes.

bigger sizes can be made for toddlers. Message me before placing your order.

Selling price 30.00 USD

Toddler girl’s dress by @bkbyru

Toddler girl's dress by @bkbyru

Since this blog is my Brand’s blog, I think it’s time I introduce my followers to it.

This is the newest listing at my etsy shop –

Just 1 item is available from this in size 1T

Fabric is,
bodice : glazed cotton lined in poplin
skirt : seersucker
Detailing : nylon lace ruffle at neckline , hand embroidery on sash

100% handmade item
selling price 35.50 USD

Greatest of all is LOVE <3

Last night when it was time to put my pre-schooler to bed, it had started raining. There was thunder and lightning. She’s dead scared of both. The best and the easiest way to get her mind off thunder & lightening are to tell her stories until she falls asleep.

When it comes to stories, her favorite kind is stories from my past. Things which include my sister and brother and me. How we tried walking on the edge of the drain and how my sister one day fell into it, wearing her “BIG BLUE DOTS” dress. Stories of my school days, when I loved playing the class nurse. How a kid would fall and how bad her knee was scraped and how I ran to her rescue and tended to the wound etc.

These stories, stories from my childhood, are normally true stories. Here and there I might add some drama just for entertainment. But in general, they are all true stories.

Why she liked so much to listen to them, I don’t particularly know. Perhaps, it’s fascinating to her that big as I am now; I had once been small and vulnerable like her.

She’s barely four years old. But she’s got major imagination and a vast understanding of things. She was not raised to be a molly coddled girl. She understands the basics of life. Things like, birth, success, failure, happiness, defeat and death – to a certain extent.

She’s quite a pious child, if I say so myself, most of which is due to the influence of my mother and brother. She knows all her prayers, and attends Sunday school. She would pester me into attending novenas at church, which I’m not a fan of.

She loves listening to bible stories. And stories about various saints.

So, on a night like last, when it was thundering & lightening, what better choice would it be than telling her one of the saint stories. But bless me; I don’t remember many of them. So my husband suggested the story of St. Paul. And I started.

To tell her about St. Paul, I had to describe who he was and why he did what he did. Since lent, good Friday, Easter memories are still good, it was easy to explain why the apostles were in hiding and how the Holy Spirit made everything possible. I emphasized a bit about the Holy Spirit and how the apostles were not “afraid” anymore. (Get it? Not afraid)

After the story I thought it would be a great idea to read a bible verse to her. What would be better than St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians?

And LOVE it was.

So it was time to teach her, how love is kind, and patient. Never boastful or arrogant. She listened through it all (not falling asleep) and claimed she’s not “afraid” anymore!!! Hallelujah!

That’s the story of last night and Love. How my little girl got over the lightning and thunder scare thanks to St. Paul and the Holy Spirit (I Hope it’s permanent though)

Anyway, with LOVE in heart it is possible to attain anything. (Even not be scared of thunder & lightning J )

It is never too early to start teaching your little ones about love, forgiveness and sharing. They have bigger minds and bigger hearts than we give them credit for.


Once upon a Princess

ImageOnce upon a time, there lived a young girl of not very wealthy circumstances. But she dreamed of many things. Things that were beyond her limitations. By this, I mean, LIMITATIONS.

She was very very limited. culturally; because she came from a condervative background – family, country, society.

Financially; because she was not wealthy, nor were her parents. Morally; becuase she had parents and a greater family who were, let’s just say, not very adventurous or daring.

To get to what I was saying before, she dreamed of great things. once, as a little girl she dreamed of building castles  in the sky. She dreamed of unicorns and wishing wells, and she fell asleep everyday wishing those were true.

As time passed by, she grew into an average girl. She wasn’t very pretty (don’t get me wrong. she wasn’t ugly. But she wasn’t one with looks) she then dreamed of being beautiful in someone’s eyes. She wished of having long ebony curls. Of being able to be free. She wanted to not belong to her conservative backward family. She wanted be able to do great things. None of this was to be her’s.

Like I said, she wasn’t ugly. But she was an average girl with frizzy hair and bland features. She was deffinitely not a beauty. She wanted to be. But she wasn’t.

She wanted to find love. Oh, what a big heart she had.

She did fall in love. She loved without holding back. She loved like an open book. She loved with her whole spirit. I’ve never seen anyone love like that before. So, when that love was not returned, she was broken.

She was broken into a million peices that no one could ever even think of putting her back together as she were before.

She did recover eventually, but who knew what she would turn out to be. (no, she didn’t become a monster.)

Because of all her restrictions, her broken her and life in general was not fair by her, she became a different person. A person she herself couldn’t recognize most of the time. She had forgotten how to love, to give and to receive. She was as cold as stone.

Eventually, she did find someone who loved her; but what she didn’t know was whether she could love him. She wanted to. believe me she did. And she really did try. But whether she was successful, I’d never really know. She did marry that someone and had a family with him, and adored her babies and her family and she started giving life another chance. But whether her heart and soul was in it, I’ll never know.

So, back to her dreams.

Now as a grown up (I think I can say that) she still had dreams.

Dreams which were more true to life and ethical. She dreamed of climbing the social ladder. Of being a woman of substance. Of being a woman to be looked upon and most of all to be respected as a person. She did give it her best. She tried everything within her power. Oneday I hope she does achieve her dreams. I really hope she does. Because I have a strange feeling that this girl is me.


Top five things to keep in mind when planning a first birthday party

i’m abit too llate for this, but still useful i think

Have Baby, Will Hike

Birthday cake is happiness at any age. Birthday cake is happiness at any age.

Ah, the first birthday party. It’s a tone-setter, a significant moment in your life, in the grandparents’ lives, even in your friends’ lives. It says – look at us, we made it through year one! It’s a celebration of the triumph over sleep loss, stained clothing, and insane childcare bills. It’s that opportunity you have to breath for a second because your child is just mobile enough for you to be excited and want more, but not yet at full capacity so you can actually enjoy a sip of coffee again. (Don’t get too excited, that only lasts about one day.)

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