ImageAnd then there was Betty. Betty was VERY pregnant. She wanted a baby moon. one last shot at freedom before the happy bundle arrived. But where would they go? Betty wanted mooning. But Betty also wanted shopping. One last chance to shop; with her hands free to shop. Again, where will they go?

Betty wanted sun. Sand. Sea.

There was no question, the pearl of the Indian Ocean it would be. Soaking up the sun, glazing over sand, floating on the sea. She would spend her last days free.

So off Betty went, to the paradise isle with her darling husband ZEE.

Alas, Betty was so tired. What sand, sun and sea, for me? Betty couldn’t even get out of bed. And then a visit from the FGM (fairy god mother) or it was her agent, I’m not sure. A pop up ad on TVEE…

Oh Butterfly Kisses….

What Butterfly…

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