How to distribute equity shares in a start-up business?

Osama Natto

للنسخة العربية اتبع الرابط:  كيفية توزيع حصص الأسهم في بداية الأعمال التجارية؟

An Easy Way to Distribute Shares Among Partners and Employees At Start-Up

Entrepreneurs get excited when a great idea comes to mind, but once the dust settles, they realize that structuring any new business can raise a lot of difficult questions. In a rush to bring their idea to life, some start-up partners forget to talk about how they’re going to divide company’s ownership, assuming that the equity distribution is understood and it will work itself out later.

There is a lot of scattered information on the Internet and in books about how to hand out equity shares at start-up. There are also costly consultants around town who can do the math for start-up partners. Learning how to share control of a company is easy to understand, and most start-up founders can do it themselves once they become…

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