The Ten Plagues of Parenting

this is hillarious


Last night we celebrated Passover. On the holiday that marks the freedom of my ancestors from Pyramid building I was being held hostage by 19 Month Old and his new negotiation technique, crib jumping. A while ago I had mentioned my kids’ chronic suffering from a condition called The Daycares. Yesterday it was 19 Month Old’s turn to show symptoms, so he stayed at home while the Passover meal was being prepared and thoughts of the ten plagues were plaguing.

The bible talks of ten plagues God struck the Egyptian Pharaoh and his people with: Blood, frogs, lice, wild flies, death of livestock, boils, storms of fire, locusts, darkness and first-born death. Home confinement opened my eyes to a set of different, modern day plagues. I give you Parenting’s Ten Plagues and their Twitter bios:


1. Toy crumbs – WHAT?? My friend Jean at Mama Schmama brilliantly discussed this phenomenon: toy crumbs are those…

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