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70% off on etsy

70% off on etsy

Follow the link igg.me/at/butterfly-kisses-store to donate 500$ and get 70% off on your next etsy order at http://www.butterflykissesbyRU.etsy.com


My Crowd Funding campaign

Why I do what I do?


I’m Marietta from Sri Lanka, the tiny island just under the Indian sub continent.  I come from a long line of dress makers me being the sixth generation. After my mom had a nasty fall and fractured her spine it’s now my turn to leave my mark.

I first started sewing about a year ago when I couldn’t find pretty enough Easter dresses for my two dolls. The ones that I found to be pretty enough were not at all affordable. The dresses I made for them with pink gingham fabric turned so many heads and my friends persuaded me to do it in a larger scale.


So, I started butterfly kisses and since I didn’t have enough financial backing, I opened a face book page (which is free) to start up my business. I received a very small amount of money from my father as a loan (approx 100$) to buy the first set of fabric. With that money and my mother’s very very old Singer Empress I started my very first collection “Flowery Summer”

The response I got Through FB was quite frankly overwhelming. I almost couldn’t cope up with the orders that started coming in.

The reason was simply, beautiful clothing made AFFORDABLE!

A few months down the line I was able to buy my very first Singer Zoje high-speed machine and later a brother portable and a locally assembled serger.

Two months ago I opened a shop on etsy and that’s been growing well.

I think it’s time now to give my talent and my gift to everyone around the world. To all the mums who love to dress up their kids in real handmade yet affordable clothing.

With your contribution, I will be able to open a small retail store where local mums can really touch and feel the quality of my clothes. With your help a shopping website can be launched to reach out to all mums around the world, give out loyalty memberships (see Perks) which will enable you to receive lifetime discounts and deductible loyalty points and much more.

If, I reach my first goal and then if you help me achieve my stretch goal., I will be able to recruit staff for finance management, design and production and provide job opportunities for some really deserving local women.

I hope you find my cause worthy enough to make a donation. Even the smallest amount can make a real difference.

Why I need what I need? (& What You Get)


Renting out shop space can be very pricey down here in paradise isle, especially in and around the commercial hub of Colombo. A tiny space of 100 sqft can cost up to 30000 LKR (250$) per month depending on the location, which is a large amount comparative of the local income range.  Property development agencies and personals charge a key money for a year’s rent or more.  Utility fees are charged separately and also any interior/exterior decorating is not included in the key money.  Nor are the infrastructure.

So, this is why I need what I need.

The best part of it all is you will be rewarded for every donation you make!!! check out the perks to get absolutely free gifts, lifetime loyalty memberships which enables you to get lifetime discounts and loyalty points and much much more.  Stay tuned in to get updated on the latest perks too. 




This campaign has flexible funding which means if I don’t achieve my goal, I still get the donations made by you. 

Where will your money go if the goal is not reached?

Don’t fret, nothing will be wasted. whatever donations I do get will be used to recruit production team members for sewing which will open job opportunities for so many local women. 

What makes YOU important!

Even if my basic goal is not reached, all your donations will be used to employ needy, deserving women. These women come from all walks of life. As a developing country, Sri Lanka has a very good literacy rate yet very few job opportunities for women – namely mothers!

I being a mother know how difficult it can be to raise a family with one person’s salary. it is important that the mother has some form of income yet be able to look after her children. reason being most middle class families cannot afford child care.

This is where YOU come in. Your donation will make a huge impact when our sales go up and when we reach out to the global community of mums (and dads) with our products. YOU will change someone’s life for ever.


If You can’t make your donation in money, you can still donate a little bit of your valuable time and LOVE. Spread the word about my campaign, Share with your friends and colleagues with BIG pockets and even BIGGER hearts and get them to donate money. You will know that someone, somewhere in this little paradise island will be ever so thankful to you for life!!

Happy donating!

If you think you can be a part in changing someone’s life, you can go to this link at igg.me/at/butterfly-kisses-store  and make a donation today. Share this on Facebook, Twitter and Reblog to make a difference.